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New adventures

I'd say most people love a good adventure. I like to find it in the books I read, the things I do and the places I go. While I was in college I took a summer to work in Alaska. Definitely an adventure! When I graduated college, I was off on a new adventure to live on my own. Navigating through a few different jobs was an adventure.

Going back to school for an advanced degree. Starting a career in my 30's. Teaching 2nd grade. All very adventurous. In the middle of that I started dating a handsome guy. He was divorced with two older kids. I had no idea the adventure that would be. Got married, kept teaching, got pregnant, still teaching, had a baby, quit teaching. Stay at home mom. Sounds simple, but man is it an adventure!

We decided to build a house. Packing and moving with a baby. . . not my kind of adventure. Moving to a new town, with a pandemic right on our heels. Even less of my kind of adventure. Pregnant with baby #2. Morning sickness with a toddler=so much TV. Husband got a new job, no insurance for a bit. Scary. But still an adventure.

New baby. Holy moly! What a beautiful adventure the last 6 months have been with two kids! Toddler life is a fascinating and frustrating adventure. I love watching him discover and play and figure things out. Learning about big emotions has been rough, but we're managing. Baby girl is so sweet. Watching the two of them together melts my heart.

Husband losing his job. One of the scariest "adventures". But that is the very thing that pushed me to where I'm at now. Preparing to open my very own online fabric store. It's been work! I'm still unsure of what the heck I'm doing. But these life adventures help us grow. They peel back our self limiting ideas, if we let them. They push us to new heights. I'm excited for this new adventure! Nervous as well. But I know it will bring great satisfaction and feelings of accomplishment. I'm sure there will be many tears. Some fails. Hopefully more successes.

I'm grateful for the support I've already received from friends and family. Their confidence in me has kept me moving forward. Here's to new adventures!

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