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May flowers

Have your flowers bloomed yet? I live at a higher elevation and my tulips are almost blooming. Hopefully by Mother's Day. April was the longest month ever and I'm glad May is finally here. I was able to complete two quilts in April bringing my total for the year to 5 and putting me ahead of my goal for 12 quilts this year.

The first one was mostly finished. It just needed to be quilted. I started it in September for sew a jelly roll day. I did a lot of ruler work. Learned a lot. I would definitely do some things different, but overall I like how it turned out.

The second finish for the month was the quilt for my cousin who just started chemo. It came together quickly and it's perfect. I made a pillowcase and a bag to go with it. I've got to get it in the mail this week. Hopefully she loves it.

I've decided to be a vendor at my towns Little Valley Days in July and possibly do another event in my home town as well. With that, I've got a lot to get done. I'll be working on quilts as well as table runners, drawstring bags, and a host of other items. Hopefully I can manage my time well and get a lot finished. My mom will be doing it with me, so that will be fun!

Only two months until the fourth of July. That's plenty of time to get a quilt finished that will be perfect for sitting out and watching the fireworks on. I've got one in the works using the Stars in Stripes pattern from HelloMelly designs. It's a very well written pattern and it's coming together quickly. I love a quilt that looks difficult, but sews up fast.

We also have new patriotic fabric and it is GORGEOUS! I've been thinking what quilt pattern would showcase it the best. It's so beautiful.

We will be having a sale on all things red, white, and blue from May 4-8. Save 15% with code SPARKLE and get started on your patriotic project!

Hopefully your May is filled with sunshine and beautiful fabric! Happy sewing!!

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