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June is Blooming

I have two events in July that I'm doing for sure. One in my hometown of Sugar City, Idaho and one in my cute town of Mantua, Utah. I'm excited and nervous. I'm going to have a small trial run at my quilting group this month. Hopefully I can get quite a bit finished up this month and that it goes well. If so, I'll look forward to more vendor events throughout the year. I finished this Stars in Stripes Pattern by HelloMelly Designs and seriously want to keep it for myself. I'll probably have to make a second one to keep at home.

I actually got 4 quilts quilted, but the other three still need to be bound. I have a couple I"m still working on piecing and a few that are ready to be quilted. It's a little tricky with the nicer weather when I just want to take my kids outside and play. Balance. That's life right?

I sent my cousin her Cosmic Quilt as she calls it.

She loved them! I joked with her that we knew she liked space and cemeteries, but decided that cemeteries might not be appropriate given the situation. She's doing well. Just shaved all her hair. It's been rough. Hair is such a big part of our identity.

Hope you all have been happily quilting and are enjoying your summer so far! If you've got kids at home, treasure that time! I know it can be hard to have them home all day every day, but before you know it, they'll be grown.

Happy JUNE!

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